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 Subject information form}} Subject information form}}
-Initial screening form+{{ :​cubic_initial_screening_form.pdf |Initial screening form}}
-Second screening form+{{ :​cubic_second_screening_form.pdf |Second screening form}}
-Informed consent form+{{ :​cubic_consent_form_adults.pdf |Informed consent form}} 
 +{{ :​cubic_information_form_parents-guardians.pdf |Information form for Parent/​Guardian}} 
 +{{ :​cubic_consent_form_parents-guardians.pdf | Consent form for Parent/​Guardian}} 
 +{{ :​cubic_information_form_participants_under_18.pdf |Infromation form for participants uner 18}} 
 +{{ :​cubic_consent_form_participants_under_18.pdf |Consent form for participants uner 18}}
 {{ :​cubic_logos.zip |CUBIC Logo}} {{ :​cubic_logos.zip |CUBIC Logo}}