Screensaver can be configured via “System”/“Preferences”/“Screensaver”


1# If you want to avoid unlocking your session every time, switch off “Activate screensaver when computer is idle”

File browser can be started either by

  • double clicking on “Computer” or “[user name]'s Home”
  • selecting an item from “Places”
  • launching “Application”/“System Tools”/“File Browser”


#1 It is recommended to set the File Browser as default for browsing

  1. (in File Browser) go to menu item “Edit”/“Preferences”
  2. switch to tab “Behavior”
  3. tick “Always open in browser windows”

#2 You can toggle visibility of hidden items by pressing CTRL+H

#3 You can toggle views “Icons”, “List” and “Compact” by pressing CTRL+1, CTRL+2 and CTRL+3, respectively.

#4 You can toggle visible information in “List” view (e.g. to see ownership and permissions)

  1. (in File Browser) go to menu item “View”/“Visible Columns…”
  2. tick the box next to the information you want to see

Linux shell can be accessed via the Terminal

  • “Application”/“System Tools”/“Terminal”
  • small icon on the Panel

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