How to access

  • You have to be a RHUL staff or student and have a RHUL user account with a username like abcd123
  • You can access the cluster via VNC.
    • You need an open VNC session with a dedicated session number. Our IT staff, Abu and Can, can arrange them for you.
    • You need a VNC client program to connect to the VNC session. We recommend TurboVNC, which is available for all platforms (Windows, OS X, linux).
    • (optional) You may need an SSH client program to modify the settings of your VNC session.
      • Windows: TurboVNC is shipped with PuTTY, but you can also download it from here.
      • Linux: use ssh command in terminal
      • OS X: use ssh command in Terminal application
    • You also need an SFTP client program to transfer data between the cluster and e.g. your desktop PC.
  • You need access to the cluster engine. For that, your username (e.g. abcd123) has to be added to the authorised user list and the cluster user group.
  • Certain type of MATLAB jobs (e.g. parfor) require key-based SSH communication configured between the worker nodes, so if you plan to use the cluster via MATLAB, it is advised to set up the SSH keys. Here are the steps (Would you need any help, you can contact Tibor):
    1. Login to worker node psycmri01 via SSH (syntax: ssh
    2. Generate SSH key:
      ssh-keygen -t dsa

      (Leave filename default and passphrase empty!)

    3. Change to SSH configuration directory:
      cd $HOME/.ssh
    4. Add SSH key to each worker (including this one):
      ssh-copy-id -i [worker hostname]
  • (only if you are working remotely; e.g. at home): Connect to CampusAnywhere VPN. You can find information about ithere.
  • (only if you are working on a PC not registered for the cluster; e.g. at home): Log in to our Remote Desktop Server
    1. Windows: Remote Desktop Connection program
    2. Mac: Microsoft Remote Desktop app
    3. Linux: Remmina Remote Desktop Client
  1. Open your VNC client program and connect to your session:[session number]

    Your password should be the usual.
  2. Type your usual password to unlock the lock screen.

Open your SFTP client program and set up the connection:

  1. Host:
  2. Port: 22
  3. Username and Password: usual

By default, it will bring you to your home space. See Storage spaces for more about the different storage spaces and how to reach them.

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