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The CUBIC Wiki hosts a wealth of information to help you design, run, analyse and share your neuroscience. General information on the centre can be found on the CUBIC website.

If you have feedback or want to contribute to our Wiki pages, please contact Jonas Larsson and Ayan Sengupta.

CUBIC community


Facilities and sequences

How to start a new study

How to become a trained operator

  • Insert AP training text

How to book slots at CUBIC

  • For RHUL users information about booking slots can be found here


  • Some key bullet points from Rules of Operation - e.g., MRI safety and suitability for scanning, incidental findings

procedures, what to do in an emergency, fire evacuation, procedure for reporting ‘near misses’

Piloting a study

  • Guidelines around piloting
  • Technical development: policies around TechDev scans


Forms for Children

Forms Relating to COVID

Useful information

  • First Aid Courses
  • Stimulus Presentation
  • MRI Sequences
  • Cluster usage

Seminars and Readings

  • Setting up an experiment
  • Data acquisition
  • Data processing and analysis