CUBIC operates a research-dedicated 3 Tesla MR scanner (Siemens TIM Trio).

Our Siemens TIM Trio scanner is equipped with a 32 channel head array coil, a 12 channel head array coil and a CP head coil.

Our facilities are available to outside users – please contact us for further information.


Eye Tracking

We have two MRI compatible eye trackers (SR Research, 1000 Hz; Arrington, 60 Hz) for eye position recording.


Available sequences

Available sequences at CUBIC include MPRage, MDEFT, standard EPI sequences, as well as sequences for Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL), Multiband EPI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and MR Spectroscopy.  In addition we also have some CMRR sequences including MultiBand, JN Special GABA.


Peripheral Equipment

We have several MRI compatible button boxes (Nata Technologies, five buttons per hand; Lumitouch, 4 buttons), headphones (Sensimetrics) as well as tactile stimulators.



Details of CUBIC operations are easily available in the wiki.